Our Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy: "A car has to work well, not just be pretty to look at. We are most satisfied when we are able to preserve a classic car at the highest level of performance as well as beauty.”

Whether our expertise is being employed on a car that is fully restored or one that is completely original, it is applied with concern for the future of the car in mind. We value what these cars were in their day, and our work shows respect for the workmanship and execution of the original builder.

Our extensive experience provides us with a unique perspective on cars that are perhaps no longer fresh and gleaming. When a car has enjoyed sympathetic care and maintenance over its life, it deserves an intelligent approach to its ongoing preservation. At times it is more appropriate to restrain the urge to make a car like new again, perhaps a surprising concept to be promoted by a company renowned for its body-off restorations. While we do not recommend a ground-up restoration on every car, we do advocate performing all necessary work with respect for historical accuracy.

We feel it is our responsibility to be well versed in the minutiae of the remanufacturing process. You can expect us to fully investigate a car's history, to make the correct decision on details that you will most likely never see, to use processes that do not damage original characteristics, and to monitor productivity and maximize labor value.


How We do Business

Corvette Specialists was founded on the principles of integrity, quality, and service to the client. We administer the financial side of each project with the same high standards and professional manner with which we perform our restoration and service work.

Before We Begin

Of the utmost importance is the reality that no two jobs are exactly alike - not even when the model of car is identical. Prior care provided and service work performed can be so varied that there is little to compare from job to job. Completed projects can only be a rough guideline for one about to begin.

After thoroughly examining your car, a work list tailored to its specific needs and your priorities is generated. Based upon our years of experience doing similar jobs, an estimate of the potential costs for that work is created. This is not a closed-end quote. We proceed using the work list you authorize as our guide, and bill all projects on a time-plus-materials basis.


Estimates and Scheduling

It is sometimes difficult to provide meaningful estimates for extensive restoration and service work. The initial to-do list for a project will inevitably expand as the job progresses. Mostly these adjustments are the result of challenges that we uncover during the disassembly process, or additional work authorized in conjunction with the original work list. An engagement letter outlining our expectations and business policies is generated for each major project.

Of course for some of our more standard services we will provide very accurate estimates. These include standard servicing, most mechanical repairs and basic paint and body activities

Precise scheduling of the service or restoration needs of 40+ year-old cars is nearly impossible. Changes in the work list of an ongoing project can affect the start date of subsequent jobs. We do work very hard to not set aside any job until it is completed.

Cash Flow, Billing, and Insurance

Large projects require a realistic approach to the financial obligation.

Clear and current billing information is provided for each project, whatever its scope. Charges for labor, parts, and outside services are listed on weekly repair records along with detailed labor descriptions. We send out monthly summary sheets, which include copies of these weekly records, with an accounting of payments made and payments due. If it becomes necessary to put a car in storage until the requested payment arrives, those charges will be billed to the project. Naturally, up to date accounts receive top priority in the shop schedule and full payment of all outstanding bills is required upon completion.

We strongly recommend that you continue to carry full coverage insurance on your car while it is at our shop, in storage, or being transported.

Your Guarantee

Understandably, some prospective customers inquire as to what kind of guarantee we provide on our work. While a formal warranty policy is available on request, your ultimate security is our commitment to protect our most valuable asset - our  reputation. We have earned that reputation by employing experienced, dedicated people and providing the best possible service to our clients. Virtually all of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals. Above all, we are a service company.

Surely one of the most rewarding moments in a restoration is when you first take the wheel of your "new" classic car. However, restoration work is a labor intensive and unpredictable endeavor. Our responsibility is to perform high quality work in line with your personal objectives for the car, and to work closely with you throughout the job. We make no representation regarding how our work will affect the value of your car. We invite our clients to experience the process of having a car built just for them, to truly appreciate the quality and detail of our work.