The five work bays we have for paint and body are usually full of bodies on custom built corvette chassis jigs and assorted body panels on sanding benches. This is where the body parts are primed and minor surface imperfections are addressed . Any irregularities or gaps in the fit of the panels are adjusted during trial assemblies, before any color coat is applied.

Our pressurized downdraft Paint Spray Booth is just one part of a significant investment in the proper environmental control equipment needed to do restoration work responsibly. Air is brought in from outside the building, filtered, and then pushed down into the spray booth . The paint-filled air is exhausted through two sets of filters near the floor before being released.

We additionally house a Paint Mixing Room. PPG is the original paint manufacturer for Corvettes and continues to be the preferred paint supplier for all of our projects. Even with PPG's extensive archives, original paint formulas are often hard to find. Color matching a car's paint is a difficult task, made possible with the selection of correct paint toners and precise metallics on hand in our high-tech mixing room.

At one end of the body shop is our Wet Bay. A single-car wide, with floor drains and extra lights, all the messy paint stripping and wet sanding is done within this contained area.

Our paint process replicates that of the factory corvettes whether this is using the original lacquer paint or the newer urethane / clear coat combination

All bodywork is performed using the original techniques requires to ensure the repairs are done correctly so they will both last and show no imperfections during the paint process


Additionally we have a large stock of old fiberglass that we will use to repair and fabricate custom parts for your car



First the cars are fully stripped and any bodywork completed. In this case the hood had been repaired incorrectly previously so we needed to redo the repair






Gel Coat is applied to ensure that any of the fibers will not show through during the completed paint. Of course for factory original cars that did not have the Gel Coat we can eliminate this process



A primer is then applied (often this will be a colored primer to aid with the block sanding process). Additionally this car is being masked for stripes



In the case the rear of the car is being painted in the color of the stripe first prior to the main color (4 coats) being applied


The final color is then applied prior to removing all masking


The car will now be cleared coated with 4 layers of clear 


The car will now be moved to the buffing area for color sanding and buffering prior to dropping back onto the frame for final assembly