Within our main building, we enter the largest workshop area at Corvette Specialists. The Mechanical Shop has eight work bays, four hydraulic car lifts, a full-sized paint area for refinishing individual mechanical components, a separate room dedicated to rebuilding engines and transmissions, and an area earmarked for the final assembly stage of major projects. Distributed throughout the work bays are all the workbenches, tools and pieces of equipment necessary for the basic preventive maintenance and preservation work that all decades-old cars need, and for the extended jobs requiring that every last nut and bolt be restored.


A collection of rolling, shelved carts act as flexible dividers between the work bays. Each of these carts is filled with a project's component pieces which will be reassembled into larger and larger parts until, in the case of a body-off restoration, a fully operational rolling chassis stands before you. Items on these shelves will receive a technician's attention many times during the restoration process, as each gets disassembled, inspected, repaired, painted, plated, and reassembled.


Our extensive Parts Cleaning Room is filled with the wide variety of chemical baths and media blasting cabinets necessary to clean components that have a half-century of sludge attached to them.

All parts are stored on our 60 foot of high racking with customer assigned D Containers to ensure that each and every parts is keep safe and secure in preparation for reassembly